cherished solutions, llc

Art Licensing

designs for licensingArt Licensing allows you to get your products to market with awesome art while sharing risk with the artist/designer. You only pay a small royalty when your products sell allowing you to make money before you pay your team. Cherished Solutions, llc has 3 Trademarked brands for art available for licensing. We are currently looking to expant in the gift, craft, home decor, fabric, and stationery markets. If you think you might be a good fit please give us a call and we can explore the possibilities together.

  • License art designs for your product collections, publications, packaging, and marketing materials.
  • Cherished Solution’s streamlined electronic work-flow delivers colorful, print-ready, digital files to your desktop with ease.
  • Professional graphic design, consulting, art direction, and marketing support services are also available.
  • Special design and illustration requests are always welcome.