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There are several ways to place music, midi’s, mp3 and wav files on a webpage. First you need to know the name of the music file you wish to use. If you don’t yet have any music files, you can find free music and sounds to download including christian music, 80’s music, pop, rock and many others on our music sounds page.

Because embeding doesn’t require javascript, all music codes also work on MySpace and blogs.

Music on choice.

The first html music code gives your visitor the choice if they want to hear the music or not.

<a href=”yourmidname.mid”>Click here to play music </a>

Make sure you upload the music file to your server. Your visitor will need something to play the music on such as Real Player or Windows Media Player for the music to play.

Website Music plays automatically on page load. This is cross browser compatible.

Place this code in the <head> of your html document so music starts automatically when the page loads. Your visitor has no choice to hear it or not and there is no option to turn it off. Using the “embed” command makes your music compatible with Netscape.

To embed music on your website with a shut off button.

You can embed music into your page so it starts automatically when someone views your page and have a small image where your visitor can turn it off.

Place the html music code where you want the button to appear on your page.

Embed music with console.

Instead of the button, you can have a small console with on and off switches on your page such as this one below.

Music Parameters.

To make the music play automatically the parameter is Autostart=”TRUE”
You can put “FALSE” instead of “TRUE” so the person visiting your page will have to click on the play button for it to start.

Redirect to a New Page

If you need to redirect your visitors to a new page, this HTML redirect code may be just what you’re looking for.

When designing a web site, many times you must change the location of a web page. However, if the page is popular, your visitors may have already linked to it. In addition, the Search Engines have most-likely already indexed the page.

For this reason, it is best to replace your page with a new page that will redirect your visitors to the new page. This provides a great way to provide your visitors with the information they were looking for and prevent you from losing your traffic.

However, when using this HTML redirect code, please ensure that you don’t use it to trick the Search Engines, as this could get your web site banned. It is always best to work hard and learn quality ways in which to drive traffic to your web site.

Place the following HTML redirect code between the and tags of your HTML code.

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=”>

The above HTML redirect code will redirect your visitors to another web page instantly. The content=”0; may be changed to the number of seconds you want the browser to wait before redirecting.


E-Junkie – the “FAT FREE” shopping cart

If you are shopping around for a new shopping cart, I encourage you to take a serious look at E-Junkie.

I love the fact that you can use it with your existing website and it implements creative solutions to keep buyers focused thereby decreasing shopping cart abandonment.

I also like that you can sell actual product AND digital downloads in the same cart and it takes care of everything in the back end with the utmost professionalism. I have personally tested over 20 shopping carts, and I really like this one the best – especially since their services start at only $5/month and they have a free trial.

Easy to use, centrally managed service
Digital storage & delivery for files & codes
Supports multiple payment processors
Copy-paste Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons
Supports variants for tangible products
Shipping and packaging calculator
Sales tax and VAT calculator
Packaged products
Inventory management
Product promotion
Discount codes
Affiliate management
Autoresponder, updates & newsletters
Sales tracking, built in support for Google Analytics
Download link renewals
Easy integration with 3rd party and custom services
Logs & e-mail notifications

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

Custom Video Players

The KickApps Hosted
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Create Custom Video Players, Deliver,
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Great video content drives deeper engagement with your audience, makes your site stickier and commands higher CPMs from advertisers, so it’s important you get as much value from it as possible. Whether you have editorial videos, user-generated content or both, KickApps’ video applications put you in control with a full suite of tools to deliver, manage and monetize your content. Create custom video players to match your brand and post them on any blog or website (including Facebook and MySpace) with a single click.

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HTML Redirect Source Code

A graphical despiction of a very simple html d...

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HTML Redirect

The HTML redirect allows to introduce a delay before the redirection is performed. It is sometimes called “META refresh” redirect.Browsers will display the page during the specified time and then move forward to the page pointed to by the redirection.

HTML Redirect and Search Engines

We will specifically look at how Google handles HTML redirections. There are two cases :

– the delay is very short (0, 1 or 2 seconds)

The redirecting page is displayed so briefly that some users might not even notice its presence. Google decides that the content of this page should not be indexed and that the link should be handled as a redirection.

Google method to decide about the preferred URL seems to be similar to its processing of 302 redirections.

– the delay is long enough (3 seconds or more)

The redirecting page is clearly visible to most users. Google will index both the redirecting page as well as the page pointed to by the redirection.

HTML Redirect Source Code


<META HTTP-EQUIV=”refresh” CONTENT=”seconds;URL=the-other-url“>



seconds : the number of seconds the page is displayed, before performing the redirection.

the-other-url : any absolute or relative URL that will be displayed after the delay has expired.

It is recommended that a standard link be added in the page for the few users of browsers that do not automatically follow redirections.

Examples of HTML Redirects

<META HTTP-EQUIV=”refresh” CONTENT=”5;URL=the-other-page.html”>
The redirecting page will be displayed during 5 seconds. After this 5 seconds delay, it will be replaced by “the-other-page.html”.

The redirecting page will be displayed during 12 seconds. After this 12 seconds delay, it will be replaced by the home page of this site.

<META HTTP-EQUIV=”refresh” CONTENT=”0;URL=another-page.html”>
The redirecting page will be displayed and immediately replaced by “another-page.html”. With this zero-delay, many users will not even notice the presence of the redirecting page.

Checking if an HTML Redirect Works

InternetOfficer has designed a free on-line tool to check the working of redirects. This new tool to check redirects analyses the HTTP-header and the page contents and identifies in seconds 301 and 302 redirects and HTML redirects (meta refresh).

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AppMakr – Custom RSS Based iPhone Apps

This looks like a very easy to use app development software.

Mobilize Your Brand

Feed to Web Page – Javascript

by Neil Patel on May 10, 2009

entrepreneurs handbook

As a first time entrepreneur you probably have tons of questions. And every time you do a Google search for an answer you are bombarded with too much information and in some cases that information contradicts other things you have heard. Due to this, I have created a list of 54 resources that should help you out.

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

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This website teaches you how to automatically update the year in your footer’s copyright notice.

In brief you will use the php code in place of the current year:

<?php echo date("Y"); ?>

1.Copyright &copy; <?php echo date("Y"); ?> Website Name
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Scrollbar in Table Generator

Scrollbar in Table Generator

Put a scrollbar into your tables – vertical or horizontal

If you have a table which expands due to dynamic content but you’d like it to only use a certain area, put a scrollbar in it.
* note – degrades well in early browsers, no scrollbar is shown but the table gets displayed in full.

Your site might have a table which contains information which changes from time to time. This information might be different in size, ie a dynamic list from a database. Instead of your table changing size due to varying amounts of information within it, you can add a scrollbar which keeps the area for the table the same size all the time, but adds a scrollbar to the table if the table exceeds the size you’d like it to be.

Lightbox2 & Slideshow

Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.


And if you want the version with the fancy slide show script, check out Lightbox Slideshow

NextGEN Gallery « WordPress Plugins

NextGEN Gallery is a popular full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option.

WordPress › NextGEN Gallery « WordPress Plugins.

Java Image Gallery Tutorials

Javascript Image Gallery & Slideshow

Phatfusion: Java & Flash Slideshow

Here are some Picasa web templates to create web Flash and HTML photo galleries and slideshows using Google’s Picasa without any knowledge of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Use these free templates to showcase your photos and images.

Shorten your URLs

If you Twitter a lot and like to share links like I do, you may want to check out these sites that will shorten a long website address into something more manageable.


Enter a long URL to make tiny:

Making long URLs usable! More than 160 million of them. Over 1.5 billion hits/month.



by Lokesh Dhakar

An Easy Image Viewer

Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.

What’s New in Version 2

  • Image Sets: group related images and navigate through them with ease
  • Visual Effects: fancy pants transitions
  • Backwards Compatibility: yes!

Get started at:


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The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection

From Quick Online Tips

This is a collection of the best Youtube tools, hacks, mashups and top ways to download Youtube videos. YouTube is the most popular site to share your favorite videos. Recently YouTube was acquired by Google for a few billion dollars. Here is a collection of several YouTube third party tools which enhance your YouTube experience.

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