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Cherished Web Hosting Services

In today’s international marketplace every small business needs the web tools to compete and they need them on a small budget!

As a small business ourselves, we struggled with the same issues and that is what motivated us to develop this very affordable “cherished solution.”

Our web hosting packages give small businesses a way to have all the abilities and features that are typically offered with more expensive hosting packages and the ability to grow and add-on to the same host account as your needs grow.

Take advantage of our expertise by allowing us to set you up for success!

Cherished Hosting is your Green Web Hosting Solution!

– Climate Friendly!

– Wind Powered!

– Certified RECs!

Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

We asked ourselves, What can we do to be part of the climate change solution? We took steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we weren’t satisfied. We then switched to 36% more efficient servers, but still we weren’t satisfied!

All of our servers are now 130% wind powered!

That’s right! 130%!
We’re not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we’re reversing it!

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