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Illustration | Cherished Solutions - Design, Illustration, Web Services, Art Licensing, Coaching, Art, Cards & Gifts
cherished solutions, llc


Between Benjamin and Cherish, Cherished Solutions offers four choices of illustration styles.

First, Why Illustration?

In a world of instant digital photography, one may ask, why pay an illustrator when I can just take a picture?

Some concepts are abstract and require an illustration
(or lots and lots of words, but why burden your audience?) 

Illustrations reproduce better in print
(a black and white interior book illustration reads a lot better than a grayscale photo)

In a world of instant digital photography, why look like everybody else?
A good illustration provides a unique, fresh and professional look to your project.

and many more reasons…
Contact us to find out how illustrations can benefit your project!

Our Styles

Something to Cherish. Cherish Flieder creates unique handmade feminine style illustrations with her mixed media illustration techniques. These multi-layered  illustrations bring a sophisticated whimsy to the written word.

Application: Young, hip, female audience. Great for textile design, paper products, young adult editorial, greeting cards, journals, and more.

Been Cherished. Children’s books co-illustrated and designed by Cherish Flieder and Benjamin Hummel. Emphasis on strong character design, story-telling and lively color palettes. Award-winning work featured by,, Visual Storytellers Studio, Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators and in other children’s book articles.

Application: Age group: 3-10 year olds. Great for children’s books, murals, children’s publications (magazines, blogs, newsletters, newspapers), greeting cards, and more.

Painting for Life. Rockwellian and painterly illustrations by Benjamin Hummel. Featuring Western, coastal, schoolhouse, childhood nostalgia and other art genres.

Application: Older, traditional and spiritual market. Those who love history, baseball, Rockwell and Westerns. Great for book covers, fine art prints, inspirational cards, journals and puzzles.

Cartoons. Being a storyteller, Ben has created delightful worlds into which his life-like characters interact in humorous banter. His Hummel Heights cartoons can be followed on our own Cherished Solutions blog, and for those with a conservative bent, his political satire can be found at

Application: Cartoons come in handy for coloring and activity books, editorial illustration and interior book illustration. They are great for adding an illustrative flair on a tight budget.

  • Students-Can-Help-Keep-Schools-Safe400 Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe: A Student/Teacher’s Guide to School Safety and Violence Prevention A school violence prevention book for student’s 3-8th grade. This book will teach students about what to do if they encounter an intruder in the building or know of students planning violence. This book offers a partial solution to the school violence epidemic sweeping our nation. If you are looking for a solution to school violence and school safety look no further! Students Can Help Keep Students Safe will help keep your children safe from harm. The subject matter of this book is overwhelming, but the material is delivered in a non-threatening, simple straightforward way. School safety has never been within the reach of every educator and parent until now. This book is published by West Bow Press. Order Students Can Help Keep Schools SafeBenjamin was my illustrator for the school safety book Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe.  I gave him written instructions as to how I wanted each illustration to appear. There after he had full artist’s imagination to create each image in the best way that he saw fit.

    I am thrilled with the illustrations that Benjamin made; his art carries the book in more ways than one.  The topic of school violence is a difficult one to address with young children.  Benjamin made each image realistic, detailed oriented, real to life, and non-threatening.  This is a huge undertaking; Benjamin did this in a professional, flawless manner.  His work is superior because he is a gifted artist and really enjoys the creative process.  He is the perfect illustrator for any project that you may have. 

    ~Julie Federico,  Author of Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe
  • Cherish is someone who you can trust in both your professional and personal lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone – as a web host, creative director, designer, illustrator, artist, the list goes on… She has an incredible wealth of knowledge and insight and is very generous with her time and energy. I’ve been honored to see her in action on the board of the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators as well as use her services to host my own websites.
    ~Gwenda Kaczor, Illustrator at