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… feed your blog to twitter

This free service allows you to automatically convert your recent blog posts into Twitter posts.

Hash tags on Twitter

Hash tags look something like this: #marketing (that’s the hash tag for marketing).

When you put a hash tag on a tweet it becomes much easier to find for people searching on a particular topic.  Alex Mandossian uses #tss when he and his clients (and prospects) discuss his Teleseminar Secrets program on Twitter.

#tcot hash tag is the most popular

Here is a video from social media expert Mari Smith where she explains in detail how to use hash tags and how to track popular tags.


Update your Facebook status with Twitter

Save yourself from the hassle of entering status updates in two places. Use this application on Facebook to multiply your efforts on Twitter.

1 – Login into Facebook

2 – Then go to:

3 – Select “add application”

4 – Enter your Twitter login information

5 – Test to see if it’s working.

Will the real social media expert please stand up?

Just found this article on Social Media. It kinda puts our cultures recent obsession with social media in perspective.

Enjoy the article here:

Social Media is Rife with Experts but Starved of Authorities.


Step Out From Behind Your Twitter Page…And Say “Hello” To Your Followers!

Put a bubble video of you talking on your Twitter page.

Social Cord

Social Cord - Monetizing Social Networks

Social Cord is the simplest way to offer premium content to your audience. Use our platform to monetize by offering mobile content subscriptions in your Twitter, social network, website or blog.

Social Cord Alerts

With social cord alerts you can promote a specific daily SMS subscription to your audience. We have the following subsriptions that your audience will love:

  • Green Tips
  • Bible Verse of the Day
  • Beauty Tips
  • Dating Tips
  • Fitness Tips
  • Men’s Style
  • Celeb Dirt of the Day
  • Know your Booze
  • Know your Beer
  • Pick Up Lines
  • Travel Tips
  • Sports Updates

The subscription includes a message written daily and is delivered to the member’s phone by SMS. Subscriptions are $5.99/month and are billed directly to the member’s mobile phone bill.

Social Cord Fanclubs

Have an audeince that loves the content you create? Then start a Fanclub!

A Fanclub is an SMS subscription where you create premium content that your fans pay you for. Your Fanclub subcribers will pay $5.99 per month. This fee is billed directly to the mobile phone bill.

You are required to deliver at least 3 messages weekly to maintain your Fanclub.

Social Cord How to Monetize your Twitter with Tipcup

Artists, celebrities, and media companies are using Tipcup to offer premium content to their Twitter followers!

Tipcup is a Twitter plugin for Social Cord that allows you to create to promote your fanclub to your Twitter followers. Your subscribers can decide whether they want to receive your updates as a direct message to their Twitter inbox, as a text message delivered to their phone or both.


Easily Share Flickr Pictures on Twitter

You can now Tweet your Flickr posts to Twitter. . .

Go to SnapTweet to check this out. . .

Tweet Later

Need To Boost Your Productivity On Twitter? Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts?

Get Your Twitter Productivity Tools and Improve Your Productivity On Twitter. Learn How.

Tweet Later Features Free Professional
Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget! [more]

Track keywords on Twitter — Empower yourself! [more]

Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing! [more]

Send welcome DMs to new followers — Automate! [more] URL shortening — Track those clicks! [more]

Follow those who follow you — Automate! [more]

Unfollow those who unfollow you — Automate! [more]

Vet new followers — Semi-automation! [more]

Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy! [more]

Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine! [more]

Unlimited Twitter accounts — No charge! [more]

A Plethora of Twitter Tools

Twitter: — A free blogging platform for 140-character posts, especially designed for text messaging via cellphone and instant messaging. There are millions of Twiterati. Alexa rank: 599.

Twitter Search: — Use this Twitter service to search for tweets.

Twitter API Wiki: — Twitter encourages people to create new Twitter apps using their API. You can follow this wiki to read about all the different ways you can get data out of Twitter.

Big Tweet: — This service installs as a bookmarklet to all major browsers and lets you post to Twitter from any web page. It can capture the page link with built in URL shortening, title and any highlighted text. It also lets you post up to 240 characters (2 formatted sequential tweets) when needed. Alexa rank: 381,578.

Blogo: — This $25 Mac software allows users to easily publish text, images, videos, slideshows and more. With a simple, intuitive interface and support for WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal, and Expression Engine. Also spread the word with Twitter, and other supported services. Free 21-day trial. DBJ Alexa rank: 222,544.

BudUrl: — Motto: Shrink it. Spread it. Watch it grow. Allows users to shorten URLs for Twitter or any other purpose and then TRACK how many people click on your link. A free account allows you to create 250 shortened URLs and track up to 25 clicks. Upgrade users cost $4 to $49 per month. Alexa rank: 33,924.

CelebWitter: — Allows anyone to track the posts of thousands of celebrities: 1,283 authors, 473 comedians, 150 fashionistas, 1,708 Internet celebs, 2,458 movie people, 7,308 music people, 1,890 sports stars, 7,216 TV people. Alexa rank: 337,745. See also PlayWitter and TechWiitter.

Custom Twit: — Offers free Twitter background themes. Also custom themes. Alexa rank: 3,320,975.

Customize Twitter: — If you really want to brand yourself on Twitter, you need a customized background. You can get one now for only $10.00 on this website. Or, better yet, use My Tweet Space below. Quicker, easier, cheaper, but not as flexible. Alexa rank: 907,524. Or do it yourself. Not that hard with any graphics program (1800 x 1200 pixels or thereabouts).

Dear Tweetie: — A new advice column that uses the Twitterverse to answer people’s questions. If you’re an expert: Shoot me an @deartweetie with your field of expertise, and when a question comes in that applies, I’ll copy you on a retweet of the question. If you need advice: Send me a tweet and I’ll do my best to match you up with an expert who can answer in 140 characters or less. Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 8,114,465 on February 12th.

Easy Tweets: — Motto: Easy Twitter marketing. They offer three monthly plans: Plus for $24 per month, Pro for $49 per month, and Max for $99 per month. The Plus plan allows for 15 Twitter accounts, 15 RSS feeds, tweet scheduling, email alerts, daily keyword summaries, and more. Alexa rank: 347,020.

Their free service allows for 3 accounts, but you must post separately to each account. You can schedule messages to post in the future.

Filttr: — Allows you to see only the tweets you want to see via filters you set for groups of people, custom keywords, source filtering, etc. Alexa rank: 468,975.

Follow Cost: — Calculates what it will cost you in time to follow any Twitter user by providing average updates per day as well as average updates per day for the last 100 updates. Note: 46% of all recent tweets are @replies. Alexa rank: 161,026.

Friend or Follow: — Find out who’s following you that you are not following and who you are following who’s not following you.

Google Twitter Gadget: html?hl=en — Allows you to read and update Twitters right on your desktop.

HashTags: — By placing a # sign before a word, you can tag your tweets. This site tracks the most popular hashtags. Alexa rank: 109,847.HelloTxt: — Allows you to post status reports (tweets) to multiple social networks and microblogging websites with one click. Alexa rank: 78,448.

HootSuite: — Allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success. Among other things, you can set up multiple contributors to one Twitter account. Therefore allows group blogs. Alexa rank: 3,085,769 on February 14.

Letter Me Later: — Allows you to send an email to anyone from your email address at a later time. So you can schedule when your email will be sent (for example, you can write a post via email and schedule it for any time you want). You can also schedule text messages sent to your cellphone. This site has sent over 2 million emails in less than two years. Alexa rank: 303,008.

Loud Twitter: — This batch-tweeting service allows users to set up automatic posting of their tweets to their blog (a listing of tweets once per day). Alexa rank: 245,254.

Mr. Tweet: — Helps you build meaningful relationships on Twitter, showing you the followers and influencers you should follow. Also recommends you to enthusiastic users relevant to you. Alexa rank: 254,469.

My Tweet Space: — A free service that allows you to customize your Twitter page. Again, a customized page is a boon for helping you to brand yourself on Twitter. I used this service to produce my current Twitter background in five minutes. Alexa rank: 1,266,1213 on February 2nd, 172,315 on February 12th. — Allows you to post to many different social networks with only one post. You can also post to via email.

Ping Vine: — A free service that takes an Atom or RSS feed from your blog, lifestream or favorite website and posts it to Twitter, and/or Hence, you can automatically post your blog posts to Twitter via RSS feed. Alexa rank: 9,552,578 on February 2nd, 363,646 on February 12th.

PlayWitter: — Allows anyone to follow game developers, designers, publishers and others who use Twitter to tweet about the industry. Alexa rank: 1,366,152.

Pocket Tweets: — A web-based Twitter client for the iPhone. Alexa rank: 395,292.

ReTweet Radar: — Allows you to see what’s being passed on via Twitter retweets (as displayed in a tag cloud). Alexa rank: no data on February 12th.

ReTweetist: — Allows users to see the hottest retweeted links (and then users are able to click directly to the referred website). Alexa rank: 379,979 on February 12th.

Sociagami: — This Windows software application allows you to manage your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts from one page. Use Sociagami to get your latest messages, comments, wall posts, and friend requests. Also search for friends and photos through all three networks. They are working on a new version and are not currently allowing downloads. Alexa rank: 1,608,722 on February 6th, 1,420,088 on February 12th.

Social Too: — Allows you to auto follow, auto filter, create surveys, and find out how your network has changed overnight. Also allows social surveys and short profile URLs for Facebook. Alexa rank: 72,500.

Spaz: — An Adobe Air desktop application that allows you to use all the Twitter functions and more from your desktop. Funkatron Alexa rank: 186,083.

Splitweet: — Allows you to track and manage multiple accounts on Twitter. Allows free accounts. Supports about ten languages. Alexa rank: 92,785.

Squidoo: — When you are creating or editing Squidoo lenses, you can add a Twitter follow module to any lense. Just add a title and the name of your Twitter account, and your tweets will be automatically updated to your lense. This is a great way to publicize your Twitter account. Alexa rank: 510.

TechWitter: — Allows users to track the tech wizards, software developers, web celebrities who twitter. Alexa rank: 855,225.

Top Twitter Friends: — Allows you to see who you interact most with on Twitter.

Twapps: — A great listing of Twitter applications and tools, but time-consuming to use. Alexa rank: 4,998,283 on February 2nd, 233,545 on February 12th.

Tweepler: — Provides a way to process your new Twitter followers. Alexa rank: 295,605.

Tweet Beep: — This service will alert you via email anytime your name, book title, company, or other keyword is tweeted about. You can set up similar alerts using TweetLater. Alexa rank: 60,990.

Tweet Burner: — Allows user to create short URLs for tweeting and then to track the open rates (or follows) of those links. Has generated more than 4.5 million twurls that have been clicked more than 28 million times. For example, click on this twurl: Alexa rank: 92,635.

Tweet Deck: — An Adobe Air desktop application that allows users to split their main feed (all tweets) into topic or group specific columns allowing a broader overview of tweets. The default columns can contain All Tweets from your timeline, @replies directed to you, and direct messages. I know many heavy Twitter users who rely on this application to Twitter effectively. Alexa rank: 203,403.

Tweeterized: — Allows you to create a dynamic Twitter signature image for use on forums, websites, blogs, etc.

Tweet Later: — Allows you to post tweets to be sent later as well as to send automatic messages every time someone new follows you? Users can set up Tweets to happen later on the day, week, or month. Also allows you to set up Twitter alerts for any keywords, people, companies, etc. that you want to track. Alerts are sent to you via email. Also allows you to auto follow those who follow you and send them a welcome message. Alexa rank: 226,600.

Tweet Manager: — Makes your life on Twitter easier by providing the following tools: auto follow, auto reply, blog feed, mass message, auto post, and dual manage. Note: This service is closed right now to new people while it tests its beta service. Alexa rank: 139,443.

Tweet My Blog: — Every time you post at your WordPress blog, the TweetMyBlog plugin will automatically post a tweet, complete with the full link back to your blog. This service also provides you with a widget to feed your tweets into your blog. That way both the blog and Twitter are working together. Alexa rank: 77,101.

Tweet Replies: — Allows you to receive emails anytime a Twitter user sends @reply to you via Twitter. TweetLater also offers a similar service. Alexa rank: 489,798.

Tweet Scan: — This website allows you to search tweets for any keywords you want to track. Then you can choose which twiterati you want to follow based on their tweets. Alexa rank: 59,617.

Tweet Snap: — Allows you to create a graphic that will always feature your last post. This is especially useful when some websites don’t allow widgets to be displayed. Alexa rank: 1,408,386 on February 2nd, 825,008 on February 12th.

Tweet Stalk: — A Firefox addon that allows you to follow someone on Twitter without them knowing that you are doing so. Alexa rank: 260,674.

Tweet Stats: — Allows you to track your Twitter account for tweet frequency, daily average tweet density, aggregate hourly tweets, who you are @replying to most, what interface you use to access Twitter, and more. Can also view the stats of other Twitter users. Alexa rank: 58,141.

Tweet Suite: — A WordPress plug-in with lots of tools to allow automatic tweeting of new blog posts, tweet widgets, and more.

Tweet Tag: — Allows you to search by keyword or phrase to find out who’s blogging about a subject that day. Doesn’t seem to pick up everything. Missed my posts on book marketing when I entered that phrase into their search box. Alexa rank: 363,020.

Tweet Take: — Allows you to back up your tweets. Alexa rank: 534,790 on February 2nd, 357,032 on February 13th.

Tweet Tree — Puts your Twitter stream into a tree so you can view related posts. Also pulls in external content from TwitPic photos, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and more so you can view them at the same time as the original posts. Alexa rank: 1,965,389 on February 2nd, 128,794 on February 12th.

Tweetube: — Allows you to share YouTube videos on Twitter via a short URL. Check out the song video I shared: Alexa rank: 408,474.

Tweet Virus: — A program for sale that promises lots of new followers very quickly. Cost: $47.00. Alexa rank: 515,489 on February 2nd, 396,384 on February 12th. Not recommended.

Tweetvisor: — A website Twitter interface that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, returns real-time updates on favorite topics/news/tweets, and supports groups, tagging friends, and inline video replies. Alexa rank: 356,383.

Tweet Works: — Allows you to create public and private groups via Twitter. Allows you to post tweets just to your group or to the Twitter public timeline. Alexa rank: 78,857.

Note: Users with free accounts may create one private group and participate in up to three private groups. A premium account with unlimited private group access will be released in the near future.

I’ve just started a group at Tweetworks for anyone interested in marketing and promoting books. You can Twitter with other people interested in marketing books via this group. Join here: or here:

Twellow: — A yellow pages search engine that allows you to find people, organizations, and subjects on Twitter. Alexa rank: 68,477.

Twhirl: — Twhirl is a social software desktop client that connects to multiple Twitter,, Friendfeed, and Seesmic accounts. Also allows you to cross-post your Twitter posts to Pounce and Jaiku, post images to TwitPic, and search tweets. Alexa rank: 266,491.

Twibs: — Features the top-followed businesses on Twitter. Alexa rank: 308,639.

Twiddict: — Allows users to continue tweeting when is down (which happens more often than it should). Alexa rank: 1,037,796 on February 2nd, 920,916 on February 12th.

Twidentify: — Find Twitter trends, search influential twitterers, and engage in conversations. Alexa rank: 20,159,083 on February 2nd, 521,830 on February 12th.

Twit Blogs: — Allows you to twitter with more words. Alexa rank: 367,462.

TwiTip Graphics: — Features 181 free Twitter buttons, badges, widgets, and counters that you can use. Alexa rank: 279,101. Also features a post on How to Hose Your Own Short URLs:

Twitority: — Allows you to do keyword and phrase searching sorted by authority of the twitterer. Alexa rank: 8,121,488 on February 2nd, 272,797 on February 12.

TwitPic: — Allows you to share photos on Twitter. Alexa rank: 19,635. See their widget below which allows you to feature photos and comments that you tweet. You can have from 1 to 4 photos displayed at one time.

John Kremer on TwitPic:

Twit Power: — Shortens URLs for use in Twitter, but also does so much more. Alexa rank: 264,274.

  • You can create custom short URLs to help you brand. Check out, for example, Bookmarket is my brand. Also check out: (not a brand but a good link to this page).
  • Allows you to track how many clicks are generated from posting a link in your tweet.
  • You can create backlinks for the links you create.
  • Ranks the top users of the service. The Power Rankings are based on the unique traffic you generate, how many Twitter users you refer to their service, and how much traffic they generate.
  • The service automatically creates a personal user page for you that features your tweets and your TwitPwr links (with lots of details on the websites you link to). Check out my personal page at:
  • Users can find the most popular URLs on TwitPwr.
  • You can follow the TwitPwr Power Rankings to find some of the most active people on Twitter. Those are useful people to follow and create a relationship with.
  • You can learn how to use this website tool more effectively by watching this video:

Twit Scoop: — Checks hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the keywords people are using, ranking them by the number of mentions. The results are displayed in a tag cloud where the bigger keywords are more popular. It’s a useful way to track the popularity of certain ideas. When I checked it the evening of February 1st, the biggest words were snow, snowing, snowed, closed. Alexa rank of 128,092.

Twit Seek: — A Twitter search tool for keywords, names, etc. In beta as of February 14. Alexa rank: 1,688,889.

Twit Stat: — Provides real-time analytics of the Twitter stream. Check once in a while. Alexa rank of 106,355.

Twittad: — Allows you to make some income selling ads on your Twitter page. Alexa rank: 110,198.

Twit Tag: — Allows users to quickly search for tweets tagged (#) with any key word. Alexa rank: 1,272,867.

Twit Tangle: — Allows you to create groups as well as rate and tag your friends. Alexa rank: 366,253.


Twit This: — The TwitThis button provides an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter. They also provide a WordPress plugin for adding the TwitThis button to every post. Alexa rank: 48,137.

Twit Vine: — A social application which lets twitter users share rumors, sayings and goings on via twitter. Messages with ‘twitvine’ or @replies to @twitvine are picked up and displayed on the twitvine homepage. Alexa rank: 4,524,702.

Twitter Break: — Features a tweeter of the day. Not sure how you get featured. Alexa rank: 241,491

Twitter Calendar: — Allows you to post to your Google Calendar by sending tweets. Alexa rank: 489,340.

Twitter Counter: — Provides stats on anyone you want to follow. Includes the Top 100 twitterers. You can pay to be the featured twitterer. Alexa rank: 163,316.

Twitter Feed: — Allows you to feed your blog to Twitter and several other microblogs. Alexa rank of 103,740.

Twitter Fone: — Allows users to send tweets via voice phone calls. Note: Test first to be sure your voice tweets come out correctly. Alexa rank: 287,637.

Twitter Fountain: — Allows users to create mashups of Flickr photos and Twitter tweets and are tagged with the same name or keyword.

Twitter Fox: — A Firefox browser extension that notifies and allows you to tweet from your browser status bar. Alexa rank: almost 4 million on February 2nd, 130,255 on February 12th.

Twitter Friends: — Allows you to track your Twitter relationships. Provides data on who you reply to and who replies to you. Also provides lots of data on your tweeting activity. Alexa rank: 87,380.

Twitter Grader: — Alexa rank for 42,813.

Twitter Hawk: — Allows users to set up alerts for keyword phrases, with advanced search options. Currently free, but they are working on a pro version that will cost money. Alexa rank: 1,286,731 on February 14th.

Twitterholic: — Find out where you rank in the world of Twitter. The front page features the top 100 tweeple. Alexa rank: 107,889.

Among people in New Mexico on February 15, 2009, I was ranked as the second most popular New Mexican, more popular than either New Mexico senator or the governor. At the time, I was about 13,000th most popular worldwide. By February 18th, I was #1 in New Mexico and 10,717th in the world.

On the same day, Internet marketer Joel Comm was 297th most popular worldwide and #1 in northern Colorado. You can check anyone’s rank if you know their Twitter name. My page on Twitterholic:

Twitter Mail: — Provides you with an email address such as so you can email in your tweets. When you send an email to your Twittermail address, it gets posted to your Twitter account. Alexa rank: 129,872.

Twitter Marketing Secrets: — Provides you with a free Twitter marketing cashmap to guide you in using Twitter as a marketing tool. With an upgrade offer to an advance course. Alexa rank: no data on February 14th.

Twitter Me This: — This site asks random questions. If you’re the first one to answer the question via @twittermethis, you win $5. Note: You can sponsor questions and get a lot of attention that way. Give away a book, service, product, cash.

Twitter Quotient: — Reveals how you rank in Twitter fame. Marginally useful.

Twitter Ribbons: — This website allows users to create Follow Me on Twitter ribbons like the one at the top right of this page. Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 417,845 on February 12th.

Twitterriffic: — A Mac application for twittering from your Mac computer. Of course, there’s also a Twitterriffic iPhone app. Icon Factory Alexa rank: 64,374.

Twitter Vision: — Features real-time tweets and the location on the world map where the Tweeter lives. Alexa rank: 72,602.

Twittra: — Allows twitterati to tag themselves and be searchable via those tags for interests, passions, hobbies, etc. that they engage in. Fairly new since I noticed that I’m the only one tagged for book marketing and book promotion. Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 1,862,952 on February 12th.

Twitturls: — This site grabs the links people post in their Twitter feeds, visit those links, count them, and list them, thus featuring the most tweeted links each day. Alexa rank: 175,145.

Twitwall: — Using your twitter ID and password, you can post longer blog entries, videos, widgets, music, other audio files, etc. Their motto: When it’s too long to tweet, but too short to blog, just TwitWall. Alexa rank: 71,580.

TwtPoll: — Allows you to create a simple survey question and possible answers and share your poll on Twitter and Facebook, or via email. Check out the results of an Internet marketing poll I created: Alexa rank: no data on February 2nd, 133,095 on February 12th.

TwttrStrm: — Ask a question and let your Twitter followers answer it for you. A great way to get your followers and other Twitterers involved in your blog. Also a great way to research a book, article, report, or other product. Alexa rank: no data (probably because it’s new and goes to

Twuffer: — A Twitter buffer. Allows you to schedule and post-date tweets. Alexa rank: 118,722.

Who Should I Follow?: — Go to this website, put in your user name, and it will suggest people to follow. Really the best tool for finding people to follow. Alexa rank: 203,894.

A wiki list of media people who twitter: https://twitteringjournalists. Media+People+Using+Twitter (you can follow their twitters and invite them to follow your twitters).

A list of media outlets that twitter: https://twitteringjournalists.pbwiki. com/Media+Outlets+Using+Twitter.

Both of the above lists are maintained by the users, so you can add more media twitterers on this list. And include yourself if you have a blog talk radio show, newsletter, or other media outlet.

About 7,500 people join Twitter every day. 35% of Twitterati have 10 or less followers; 9% have none. Alas.

Note from a visitor to this page: I would caution your readers against relying too heavily on the tools which auto-post and auto-message people, as there is a growing backlash against people who use Twitter as a one-way broadcast stream. If you are using Twitter heavily to broadcast your message, but not engaging in the conversation, then you risk alienating the people that you are trying to reach.

Then, again, Paul Colligan says the entire purpose of Twitter is to get people to take action.

For Twitter Guides, Handbooks and Blog Posts, click here.

More apps:

Need ideas on what to tweet? Click here for 30 Ways to Tweet.

Twitter Social Networks

Holistic Twitter: — A social network for like-minded holistic Twitterers. 215 members. The site is powered by Alexa rank: 743,300.

Twitter Moms: — A social network for mothers who use Twitter. 7,235 members. The site is powered by Alexa rank: 75,263.

Caution! Avoid programs such as TweeterGetter, Tweet Virus, Viral Tweets, etc. They say that they are not spam, but they are because they don’t give you a chance to do anything but promote their website with your tweet.

Twitters to Cherish

I have been reading article after article lately on how Twitter can help promote and manage a business. At first I thought to myself, “how can anyone REALLY be doing anything when they have to type everything they do on Twitter?” The point of this micro-blogging site is to keep each other updated on a play-by-play level, am I right? Who has time for that?

But, after a few more articles, webinars and seeing Twitter links on many of my artist’s friends sites, I threw caution to the wind and I decided to give it a try.

It didn’t take me long to realize that if I said I was “working on a painting of xyz,” someone might ask about it later. So, in my warped, task achieving, type ‘A’ personality mind, Twitter transformed itself into this this really cool accountability for the tasks I need to get done And at the SAME TIME it keep me updated, on task while sharing with my “followers” stuff from my life. I don’t write most things on there, that WOULD be overkill, and I really wouldn’t accomplish anything, but I do try to include some highlight of the day and interact with other Twittters, too!

I am finding that everyone has their own approach to the types of entries that they share. The best thing for me, is that I can see what other artists around the world, friends, family member, and successful professionals are doing. My art licensing friend, Tara Reed, who wrote an excellent free e-book on Twitter, refers to Twitter as her “virtual office.” What a great way to stay in touch! I am realizing that we all lead the most interesting lives which further fuels the fire for what we do.

I don’t know if it has helped business yet, but I realize that building a brand takes a long time, so until I find out I guess I will be posting about it one tweet at a time.

You can follow me @cherishart on Twitter.

Twitter Search

Twitter Search

Search Twitter in realtime – see what the world is doing right now.